Kirby fic ch1
Title: Magical Mirror
Rating: T/M
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Characters: Meta Knight, Kirby, Nightmare
Warnings: Gore/blood, angst if you wanna call it that
Disclaimer: I do not own Kirby franchise, it belongs to ha. Or w/e person made it.

~ ~ ~

      In the beginning, there is fun and sunshine. There is no trouble anywhere. Not even King Dedede is making a scene. Kirby and his friends, including little woodland ones, are having fun in the warm summer night as they all run down the beach. Sword and Blade are with them, but Meta Knight is off to the side and looking at the stars. He’s sentimental like that.

No one seems to notice him and that’s fine with him. Being alone to think is what he prefers. And he would have stayed that way all night waiting for the children to go home for dinner and bed had Kirby not stopped next to the rock he was perched upon.

Meta Knight looked down at Kirby from the corner of his eyes. Kirby was sitting on the sand and looking up at the stars as well. A small ping went through Meta Knights heart as he stared down the pink marshmallow. A feeling  he couldn’t place, though it felt bad.

“Yes?” Meta Knight said in that familiar Spanish accent.

“’Ello Meda Knigh’. Stars’ pretty.” Kirby looked up at Meta Knight and then, still facing Meta Knight, looked at the sky.

Meta Knight looked away from Kirby and back at the sky. Kirby’s speech pattern was getting better, but the way he spoke brought a smile to Meta Knight’s hidden face.

“Yes, they are rather ‘pretty’.”

Kirby nodded and faced away. Neither said anything else. They stayed staring at the stars, not knowing what the other was thinking, but they both felt calm and happy. Although, Meta Knight still couldn’t help but feel anxious. Or was it something else…

Fumu called out to Kirby. “Bye Kaabii!”

And so did Bun. “See you tomorrow!”

Then all the rest of the animals said good bye to Kirby. Kirby bide them all a farewell, and lay down on the sand. It’s soft, squishy texture felt good on his back. Soon enough, Kirby was starting to fall asleep. His soft snores and whisks of intakes of breathe caught Meta Knight’s attention.

Meta Knight’s eyes glowed a light pink as he looked at Kirby. A small, deep laugh rumbled behind his mask as he jumped off the rock, onto the sand. A wisp of dirt clouded up at his feet, but quickly settled again. Meta Knight stepped toward Kirby and reached his hand out to shake the young puffball awake.

Blood all over Kirby’s body, eyes closed and a rigid slash down his side. Kirby’s little heart pumping slowly, visible, and sadly dyeing out. The sand soaked the blood in and turned a reddish pink color the farther from Kirby’s body the blood spatter went.

Blood all over Meta Knight’s hand, dripping onto the sand. Galaxia held tight in the other with blood and arteries tangled about its spiked sides.

Meta Knight quickly took his hand away. His breathing accelerated deeply as his eyes dilated and he looked about himself wildly. No blood. No blood? Then, what was it he had just seen? Why did he see Kirby bleeding in front of him? And all that blood. How had it got on him?

Meta Knight didn’t want to think of the matter any longer. It obviously wasn’t real, so he took his hand out and put it on Kirby’s little shoulder-hand-and shook him gently.

“Kirby, wake up.” Meta Knight said softly.

“Poyo.” Kirby yawned and looked at Meta Knight.

“Kirby, you better get going home, it is late.”

Kirby nodded. “’Kay Meda Knigh’.”

Kirby jumped onto his feet and made a dash for his home. Before leaving the sight of Meta Knight, he waved good bye.

“Bye, Bye Meda Knigh’!”

Meta Knight nodded. He stood on the beach watching Kirby leave. When he could no longer see the little puff, he started to make his way back to the castle.

A sickening feeling, like that he felt when he saw all the blood on and around Kirby, washed over him. He immediately stopped and, looking down at the ground, his eyes widened. His eyes were drawn toward the sky again, but instead of just stars, he saw what seemed to be the moon over the ocean. But there was no reflection of the moon in the water. And, when he looked to the other side, the moon was just over the horizon.

Meta Knight glared up at the moon over the beach. It was smaller than the regular moon. Suddenly a bright flash washed over the moon over the ocean. Like when a mirror catches the light of the sun. Meta Knight quickly looked over to the castle. Had someone turned on a light? No, all the lights appeared off. But somewhere up at the corner of one of the piers of the castle, a light was on.

He looked back, but the reflection moon was gone. Meta Knight scanned the sky, but it wasn’t there. He looked back at the normal moon, and it was still just making it’s ascend of the sky. He glared at it and then back to where the other moon should have been. Where had it gone? Why had it appeared? Why did it disappear?

Knowing that no questions would come tonight, Meta Knight walked onward toward the castle. Maybe he could get in a few hours of sleep before Sword and Blade awoke.

OMG RAEP *Amber fic*

 A large brown bear walked into the front office of the Gene CO. building. He didn’t run, nor did he walk. But made his way up the stairs of the quite, closed for business hours building. Up the elevator he went, and down a few halls. Until he got three doors down one hall, he hadn’t stopped to check out any of the scenery.

Whether or not the door was locked right now didn’t matter to the bear, for he is magical and, if the door had been locked, it opened as if it never was. The bear made his way to the bed that was pushed up against a corner and by a window. The girl sleeping in the bed seemed to be having a great dream.

Though her delicious dream filled sleep was soon ruined by the sound of her bed creaking. The girls eyes opened wide and she tried to get up to see what had made the noise, but she was pinned down.

What she didn’t know was that the bear had climbed onto her bed and was now pushing down her arms and humping her ass. Raping her of her virginity. Tears welled up in the girls’ eyes as she took the pain and didn’t try to scream. Deep down in her subconscious, she was enjoying this.

The next morning the girl demanded her father to allow her to change her name of face. When asked why, she could not reply. But in her thoughts, she imagined the fascinating pain she had gone through the night before, and the note left by her bed which read:

Luv U, B Bak soon

-Pedo Bear

Kirby Fic .:Double Sided Coin:.

Title: Double SIded Coin
Chapter: 0(it's a prologue thing-y)/?
Rating: T-M
Summary: Just...Read it. Please?

A cool breeze swept through Whispy Woods. The howling of the wind as it went around every branch echoed throughout the forest. The darkness of the night made this scene al the more eerie.

As another gust of wind made its way across the tops of the trees, a dark silhouette skulked down the streets of Cappy Town. Every light was off. Every door was shut, but not locked. There was no need for locks in a town such as this. Where everyone knew one another and only one robber who was constantly behind bars at all times.

The shadow, perfectly rounded, and a cape billowing behind him, stopped walking. He stood in the middle of the cobblestone road staring ahead before lifting his gaze to the left and right. Houses and shops lined both sides and another road went veering off to his left. He stood patiently, as if waiting for someone to notice him.

The knight slowly lifted his hand to the hilt of his sword, Galaxia. The familiar weight of it as he pulled it out of its sheath, and the sparks of electricity as it took its full form, exited the shadow; for he started laughing.

Fully charged, he swept the sword down, exploiting many sparks in all directions. The beauty of this site didn’t last long; Meta Knight swiped the sword again, but up this time, and let energy collect at its tip.

The energy collided with itself and started crackling, at the climax of this moment Meta Knight sliced the sword down and sent all the energy build up to his left, creating a rift of sparkling yellow straight at a group of houses. The houses exploded, pieces of wood splintered and flew in every direction.

The figure returned his sword to the position above his head, letting it collect the energy again. By now lights were being turned on and people opening up their windows to see what the commotion was outside. Everyone’s curiosity was cut short as another beam of energy came hurtling from the sword to another group of houses. This time the explosion was refracted onto other houses nearby, making them explode as well.

One person screamed for help, starting a chain of cries. Soon enough, the noise of everyone crying and shouting for their loved ones seemed to anger the small enemy standing in the middle of the road. Their cries and tears mixed; it sounded like the climax of a crescendo building and building.

Monsieur Shadow screamed.

Its shear velocity echoed over everyone else’s shouts, silencing them seconds after he started. He continued to scream as he held his gloved hands to the sides of his head-body.

A pair of dark, leathery wings sprouted from his back- head, body-, and they stretched upwards, in all their horrific glory.

Every pair of eyes was on the wings as they flapped down multiple times; slowly lifting his body as his screams died out and he flew away.

Akuroku Drabble 2

Title: :hugplz:
Pairing: akuroku
Summary: Axel realizes what he'd just let walk away from him.
Rating: K+
AN: I know there's probably a shit-load of spelling errors and grammar errors, but I have to go to bed and I KNOW I won't post this tomorrow, so I HAVE to do it tonight.


     Ever since THAT night Axel hadn't come out of his room. THAT night, something bad had happened. Demyx could feel
that Axel was taking it pretty personaly. Why, Demyx had even tried humiliating himself infront of the rest of the organization for christ's sake! A snort or something would have been better than the constant empty look Axel shared with everyone. If only Roxas could see what his absence was doing to Axel. If only he'd never left and that it hadn't ever rained a few hours later.

Demyx walked up the stairs to the hall to Axel's room. He held in his hands some lunch. Just a sandwhich and some chips, but it was something more than what he suspected Axel had been eating. Besides, he'd been in his room for a whole week now and it was about time somebody tried to get him out of there. Xigbar hadn't even tried to get him to come out! And they'd actually used to hang out with eachother before. Like when Roxas would go out on one person missions.
Finally up the stairs, Demyx took in a deep breathe. 'Walking up stairs is hard', he complained in his head. Demyx didn't take any more steps into the hall after he got up the stairs. He just stood there...stairing. Down the hall. At Axel's door. Which was wide open.
Demyx rushed over to the open door and staired into the room. Everything seemed to be just fine. Although Axel's dissapearance was something to worry about, it looked like he'd cleaned his room. Demyx would have been happy for such an occasion if he wasn't too busy worrying about Axel.
Had he left to find Roxas? Demyx knew how much Axel cared for the younger kid; but would he seriously go and look for him? Roxas could be anywhere at all! Plus Demyx worries about Axel's well being. Axel just might do something stupid and it might cost him actually finding, or bringing back, Roxas.
Demyx rushed back down the stairs, his friends lunch still in hands. Unfortunately, because of such food Demyx had a bit of a fall down the stairs. He didn't see the next step and his foot slipped and his whole body went backwards. The food flew from his hands, over his head, and onto the stairs above him.
He now sits on the floor holding his hand to a spot on his head a bruise is definietely going to form. He looks up at the broken plate, destroyed sandwhich, and fragments of chips.
Demyx whimpered as he got off the floor. His ankle wasn't sprained or anything like that. It still hurt though. As soon as he was able to stand someone came down the hall.
"Hey, I heard a crash. You okay down there?"
"Uhm, yeah! I'm fine, thanks for asking."
"Oh, Dem, that was you? Figures. You're always clumsy."
"Axel! Where'd you go!?" Demyx shouted as he climbed up the stairs clumsily.
"Eh? The bathroom, why?" Axel asked calmly. He didn't even sound depressed in the slightest. "Wait...don't answer that."
Demyx was standing at the top of the stairs again. Axel stood a few feet in front of Demyx, standing in a way that made him look more like a woman than should be humanly possible. Demyx didn't laugh, outwardly at least.
"What was that crash about anyways?" Axel asked.
Demyx rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Um, well, I was going to bring you something to eat. But you weren't in your room so I ran down the stairs but fell so all the food flew out of my hands and onto the floor."
Axel blinked, held his girlish stance for a few seconds, then smiled and sighed.
"You could have just went into the room and looked for me."
"...That's a good point. But wouldn't that have been rude? To go into your room, I mean?"
"Dem, you have a lot to learn." Axel smiled genuionly. He put his hand on Demyx's back and they walked to Axel's room.
They both sat on the bed and didn't say anything for a while. Demyx sat silently with his hands on his lap as he looked around Axel's room.
It's very messy. Clothes on the floor, bed sheets crumpled and piled in a corner. And other such things that make any small room look ten times messier than it really is.
"I know it's a mess, but I just haven't been in the room to clean it." Axel said.
Demyx could understand why. He didn't press anything on the matter. Axel was sitting on the bed as well. But now he pulled his legs close to his chest and leaned against the head board of his bed.
"Axel..." Demyx whispered as he lifted his hand to touch Axel.
"He said no one would miss him, Dem."
Demyx didn't say anything. He knew who Axel was talking about, it's obvious in the tone of his voice. How it gets soft and hoarse when he's on this kind of subject.
"I think he knew I'd let him leave. He knew I'd let him leave without a fight. I didn't do anything to stop him. I knew what he wanted, but I knew that it'd cost me what I wanted the most."
Demyx swallowed.
"Ya know, Axel. They say that if you really love something, you have to set it free. But if it comes back, you know it loves you too."
Axel didn't say anything. He sat completely still; taking in the saying.
"He's not coming back." Axel whispered. His voice slightly sticking in his throat.
"Sure he will." Demyx tried to be optimistic. "He'll come back right after he finds Sora."
"No. Dem, he's not just going to find Sora. He's not going to come back."
Demyx reaches his hand out to Axel's shoulder. Axel is curled up tight, huddling into himself. Demyx crawls onto the bed and sits next to Axel.
"Then, you should go get him back."
Axel doesn't respond. Demyx knows he's heard what he's said. Know's that what he's just said is probably something that he shouldn't have. But what else could he say?
Demyc contonious to sit next to Axel long into the night. Long after he falls asleep, Axel sneeks away from Demyx and plots just how he's going to get his loved one back.

Akuroku Drabble
Title: Drabble
Pairing: Akuroku
Rating: K+ T
Summary: Takes place after Roxas has left. First attempt at writing akuroku. ^_^ No real plot. Just some sentimental mind thoughts from Roxas' POV. (This went through spell check about 10 times. So if there's ANY spelling errors, please tell me and it will be fixed. Or grammar.)


    He's gone. Axel's gone. As in, never coming back. It brings tears to my non-existent eyes knowing that he fought for me while I was ignorant to everything that was going on in Twilight Town. Following some girls voice that seemed slightly familiar to me. His voice sounded familiar too.
I was told we were best friends. By the girl, she told me. I told him but he didn't sound too pleased. He said he guessed we were friends. Like we weren't "really" friends. But just, acquaintances. People that hung out together every once in a while.
During the first time I met him, he told me his name, then we fought. I guess I started that one. It really was my fault that that fight began. And then once I'd defeated him and Diz showed up, him and Diz started yelling at me. They sounded mad. But also, he sounded desperate, sad. Now that I'm thinking about it.
Anyways, I'm going to fast forward time in my memories to the point where Sora had met up with Axel right before Siax showed up; presumably chasing him.
He told Sora his name. Obviously I wasn't really aware of myself at the time. Well, I kind of was, but I kind of wasn't. I saw through Sora's eyes. I thought through Sora's mind. I thought I was Sora. Of course, I was becoming more aware of my own being throughout Sora's entire adventure.
I remember fighting Sora. In a place that seemed just like the place where I-he-got my-his-keyblade. It wasn't anything, really. More like, a strange crash between our minds. That was when he first became mentally aware of me.
More along the line to when...The last time Sora-or me- would see Axel again.
He saved Sora-for me. He saved Sora because he wanted to do it for me. I think he might have had feelings for Sora though. But only because I was part of Sora. He loved the part of Sora that was-is- me. He wanted it to be me. This is all my speculations by the way. He probably didn't even feel anything at all for Sora. Or he could have felt for Sora more than he felt for me.
Felt. Such an amazing word to the organization. None of us would have admitted to actually feeling anything. Unless it was to someone that made us feel like we felt something beside nothing. I'm not making much sense, am I? I'll go back to how I felt about Axel's "death" now.
You see, at the point where Axel was fading, I could tell Sora cared for the nobody. Probably just my feelings spilling over onto him. Maybe because of the fact that Axel had saved Sora by sacrificing himself. I don't think I'll ever know. Ever "really" know.
When Sora had found his friends again, after 2 years was it? I don't know. But it's okay, they don't apply to this part. Sora had made it to the room where all the nobodies tomb stones were. The room that held every one of the organization's member's names, weapons, and titles while within the org. Almost every one of them was blue. Almost, since I believe 2 or 3 were still left standing. They'd be blue soon. Sora would destroy them on his quest. But Axel's...Axel's tomb stone was different.
It wasn't completely blue. It was barely red. It was a mix. A mix of both colors that I indicated to mean his survival. Perhaps I would see him again? I was ecstatic. But then? Then I saw Namine again.
After Axel's "death" she was the only person I could remember having a connection to in the org. The only person I knew that knew what I knew, maybe even better than I do-did.
I turned to her for feelings. Then I merged with Sora.
He had become distinctly aware of me after Riku had told him why org. members had been calling him Roxas. And it's very dangerous to be consciously aware of the nobody inside you. It was for Sora's safety. And Kairi's as well.
But I can still think for myself. I can still see through Sora's eyes. Hear through Sora's ears. And think through Sora's thoughts.
But I'm slowly losing my own consciousness. Slowly losing my own individuality to Sora. I wish Axel was here. Was he still alive? Was he somewhere on a world I-Sora- knew about? Maybe, maybe not. I don't think I'll ever know.
I'm sure Namine is losing herself also. Kairi and Sora don't seem to be too close anymore. There still friends, just not friends that really hang out together.
Riku too. But that's mainly because of Riku's nervousness, and most likely shame, of being around Sora after what he did to him and Kairi.
I really wish Axel was here. Here on Destiny Islands. Or at least if I knew he was okay then I wouldn't be plaguing Sora's own mind with my worries.
I hope I don't lose my own mind to Sora's and completely, fully lose my self 100% to Sora. I hope nothing like that happens to Namine either. We both had lives. We both had talks, and hung out with others we knew.


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