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Akuroku Drabble 2

Title: :hugplz:
Pairing: akuroku
Summary: Axel realizes what he'd just let walk away from him.
Rating: K+
AN: I know there's probably a shit-load of spelling errors and grammar errors, but I have to go to bed and I KNOW I won't post this tomorrow, so I HAVE to do it tonight.


     Ever since THAT night Axel hadn't come out of his room. THAT night, something bad had happened. Demyx could feel
that Axel was taking it pretty personaly. Why, Demyx had even tried humiliating himself infront of the rest of the organization for christ's sake! A snort or something would have been better than the constant empty look Axel shared with everyone. If only Roxas could see what his absence was doing to Axel. If only he'd never left and that it hadn't ever rained a few hours later.

Demyx walked up the stairs to the hall to Axel's room. He held in his hands some lunch. Just a sandwhich and some chips, but it was something more than what he suspected Axel had been eating. Besides, he'd been in his room for a whole week now and it was about time somebody tried to get him out of there. Xigbar hadn't even tried to get him to come out! And they'd actually used to hang out with eachother before. Like when Roxas would go out on one person missions.
Finally up the stairs, Demyx took in a deep breathe. 'Walking up stairs is hard', he complained in his head. Demyx didn't take any more steps into the hall after he got up the stairs. He just stood there...stairing. Down the hall. At Axel's door. Which was wide open.
Demyx rushed over to the open door and staired into the room. Everything seemed to be just fine. Although Axel's dissapearance was something to worry about, it looked like he'd cleaned his room. Demyx would have been happy for such an occasion if he wasn't too busy worrying about Axel.
Had he left to find Roxas? Demyx knew how much Axel cared for the younger kid; but would he seriously go and look for him? Roxas could be anywhere at all! Plus Demyx worries about Axel's well being. Axel just might do something stupid and it might cost him actually finding, or bringing back, Roxas.
Demyx rushed back down the stairs, his friends lunch still in hands. Unfortunately, because of such food Demyx had a bit of a fall down the stairs. He didn't see the next step and his foot slipped and his whole body went backwards. The food flew from his hands, over his head, and onto the stairs above him.
He now sits on the floor holding his hand to a spot on his head a bruise is definietely going to form. He looks up at the broken plate, destroyed sandwhich, and fragments of chips.
Demyx whimpered as he got off the floor. His ankle wasn't sprained or anything like that. It still hurt though. As soon as he was able to stand someone came down the hall.
"Hey, I heard a crash. You okay down there?"
"Uhm, yeah! I'm fine, thanks for asking."
"Oh, Dem, that was you? Figures. You're always clumsy."
"Axel! Where'd you go!?" Demyx shouted as he climbed up the stairs clumsily.
"Eh? The bathroom, why?" Axel asked calmly. He didn't even sound depressed in the slightest. "Wait...don't answer that."
Demyx was standing at the top of the stairs again. Axel stood a few feet in front of Demyx, standing in a way that made him look more like a woman than should be humanly possible. Demyx didn't laugh, outwardly at least.
"What was that crash about anyways?" Axel asked.
Demyx rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Um, well, I was going to bring you something to eat. But you weren't in your room so I ran down the stairs but fell so all the food flew out of my hands and onto the floor."
Axel blinked, held his girlish stance for a few seconds, then smiled and sighed.
"You could have just went into the room and looked for me."
"...That's a good point. But wouldn't that have been rude? To go into your room, I mean?"
"Dem, you have a lot to learn." Axel smiled genuionly. He put his hand on Demyx's back and they walked to Axel's room.
They both sat on the bed and didn't say anything for a while. Demyx sat silently with his hands on his lap as he looked around Axel's room.
It's very messy. Clothes on the floor, bed sheets crumpled and piled in a corner. And other such things that make any small room look ten times messier than it really is.
"I know it's a mess, but I just haven't been in the room to clean it." Axel said.
Demyx could understand why. He didn't press anything on the matter. Axel was sitting on the bed as well. But now he pulled his legs close to his chest and leaned against the head board of his bed.
"Axel..." Demyx whispered as he lifted his hand to touch Axel.
"He said no one would miss him, Dem."
Demyx didn't say anything. He knew who Axel was talking about, it's obvious in the tone of his voice. How it gets soft and hoarse when he's on this kind of subject.
"I think he knew I'd let him leave. He knew I'd let him leave without a fight. I didn't do anything to stop him. I knew what he wanted, but I knew that it'd cost me what I wanted the most."
Demyx swallowed.
"Ya know, Axel. They say that if you really love something, you have to set it free. But if it comes back, you know it loves you too."
Axel didn't say anything. He sat completely still; taking in the saying.
"He's not coming back." Axel whispered. His voice slightly sticking in his throat.
"Sure he will." Demyx tried to be optimistic. "He'll come back right after he finds Sora."
"No. Dem, he's not just going to find Sora. He's not going to come back."
Demyx reaches his hand out to Axel's shoulder. Axel is curled up tight, huddling into himself. Demyx crawls onto the bed and sits next to Axel.
"Then, you should go get him back."
Axel doesn't respond. Demyx knows he's heard what he's said. Know's that what he's just said is probably something that he shouldn't have. But what else could he say?
Demyc contonious to sit next to Axel long into the night. Long after he falls asleep, Axel sneeks away from Demyx and plots just how he's going to get his loved one back.


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