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Kirby Fic .:Double Sided Coin:.

Title: Double SIded Coin
Chapter: 0(it's a prologue thing-y)/?
Rating: T-M
Summary: Just...Read it. Please?

A cool breeze swept through Whispy Woods. The howling of the wind as it went around every branch echoed throughout the forest. The darkness of the night made this scene al the more eerie.

As another gust of wind made its way across the tops of the trees, a dark silhouette skulked down the streets of Cappy Town. Every light was off. Every door was shut, but not locked. There was no need for locks in a town such as this. Where everyone knew one another and only one robber who was constantly behind bars at all times.

The shadow, perfectly rounded, and a cape billowing behind him, stopped walking. He stood in the middle of the cobblestone road staring ahead before lifting his gaze to the left and right. Houses and shops lined both sides and another road went veering off to his left. He stood patiently, as if waiting for someone to notice him.

The knight slowly lifted his hand to the hilt of his sword, Galaxia. The familiar weight of it as he pulled it out of its sheath, and the sparks of electricity as it took its full form, exited the shadow; for he started laughing.

Fully charged, he swept the sword down, exploiting many sparks in all directions. The beauty of this site didn’t last long; Meta Knight swiped the sword again, but up this time, and let energy collect at its tip.

The energy collided with itself and started crackling, at the climax of this moment Meta Knight sliced the sword down and sent all the energy build up to his left, creating a rift of sparkling yellow straight at a group of houses. The houses exploded, pieces of wood splintered and flew in every direction.

The figure returned his sword to the position above his head, letting it collect the energy again. By now lights were being turned on and people opening up their windows to see what the commotion was outside. Everyone’s curiosity was cut short as another beam of energy came hurtling from the sword to another group of houses. This time the explosion was refracted onto other houses nearby, making them explode as well.

One person screamed for help, starting a chain of cries. Soon enough, the noise of everyone crying and shouting for their loved ones seemed to anger the small enemy standing in the middle of the road. Their cries and tears mixed; it sounded like the climax of a crescendo building and building.

Monsieur Shadow screamed.

Its shear velocity echoed over everyone else’s shouts, silencing them seconds after he started. He continued to scream as he held his gloved hands to the sides of his head-body.

A pair of dark, leathery wings sprouted from his back- head, body-, and they stretched upwards, in all their horrific glory.

Every pair of eyes was on the wings as they flapped down multiple times; slowly lifting his body as his screams died out and he flew away.


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