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OMG RAEP *Amber fic*

 A large brown bear walked into the front office of the Gene CO. building. He didn’t run, nor did he walk. But made his way up the stairs of the quite, closed for business hours building. Up the elevator he went, and down a few halls. Until he got three doors down one hall, he hadn’t stopped to check out any of the scenery.

Whether or not the door was locked right now didn’t matter to the bear, for he is magical and, if the door had been locked, it opened as if it never was. The bear made his way to the bed that was pushed up against a corner and by a window. The girl sleeping in the bed seemed to be having a great dream.

Though her delicious dream filled sleep was soon ruined by the sound of her bed creaking. The girls eyes opened wide and she tried to get up to see what had made the noise, but she was pinned down.

What she didn’t know was that the bear had climbed onto her bed and was now pushing down her arms and humping her ass. Raping her of her virginity. Tears welled up in the girls’ eyes as she took the pain and didn’t try to scream. Deep down in her subconscious, she was enjoying this.

The next morning the girl demanded her father to allow her to change her name of face. When asked why, she could not reply. But in her thoughts, she imagined the fascinating pain she had gone through the night before, and the note left by her bed which read:

Luv U, B Bak soon

-Pedo Bear

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omg yes! hahahaha, that was awesome. I want to see the motivational poster that inspired this crackfic

Haha this was just as awesome as the Kool-Aid man fic posted to the kink meme.

BTW, LJ cuts are easy: =]

But I still don't get how to use it! ;_;

Paste "<*lj*-cut text*=*"Optional text here"*>" (minus the asterisks, of course) before the text that you want to put behind the cut.

Or, use the Rich Text Editor and click the button that looks like a weird graph located behind the poll icon.

Trust me, I've screwed this up a lot at first. Hope this helps. =P

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